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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Unintended Consequences of AI

Well put piece, we should be aware of the consequences of all forms of augmentation.  This one may be more hidden than most.

Tackling AI's Unintended Consequences     By Chris Brahm from Bain.

" ... How can companies address the loss of human expertise that accompanies the new freedom of artificial intelligence? Here are six risks for leaders to consider when making decisions on machine learning ... " 

"   .... As AI infiltrates more of our experiences and organizations, it’s important to recognize not only its many benefits but its unintended consequences as well. AI protects us from known and unknown threats, helps us connect to one another, and provides better answers faster and cheaper than humans do. And, of course, it’s great that AI frees us from routine tasks such as reading a map. But are we recognizing and addressing the loss of human expertise that accompanies that new freedom?

For business leaders and others investing in the technology, there are certain high-gain questions that can help them begin to grapple with leadership in the AI age—including how to manage the unique properties and risks of AI, bring clarity and focus to its deployment, and ultimately make better application of it (see Figure 1).  .... " 

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