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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Will People Give Amazon Keys to their Cars?

Delivery to the car trunk, in collaboration with some automobile manufacturers.  Seems a very narrow niche, examples and use cases, but why not try it if the architecture is there?  This has been much in the news.  Amazon is certainly exploring all the channels and sub-channels of retail.

Will Prime members give Amazon the key to their cars?   in Retailwire with discussion by George Anderson with expert discussion.

Amazon.com has announced that Amazon Key, the service that affords the e-tailer access to the homes of customers to make deliveries, is being expanded to include cars, as well.

Amazon Key In-Car enables Prime members with compatible cars to give the e-tailer access to their vehicles when they are parked at home, work or other publicly-accessible space. The service is now available in 37 cities and surrounding areas with plans to further expand the offer. Millions of items will be available for same-day, two-day and standard shipping from Amazon.

A YouTube video of first-time users shows them praising the service. One of the featured customers on the video says, “I needed a few birthday presents for my daughter and thought this would be the perfect use because she won’t find them, and the packages won’t be stolen from my doorstep.”... "

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