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Friday, April 20, 2018

AI and Bad Process

More evidence you have to get the context process right, with or without advanced methods. 

Don’t Let Artificial Intelligence Supercharge Bad Processes   in Sam Ransbotham in Sloan Review

When artificial intelligence is used to expedite certain legacy processes, it can act more like a Band-Aid than a cure.

Scenarios describing the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) seem to gravitate toward hyperbole. In wonderful scenarios, AI enables nirvanas of instant optimal processes and prescient humanoids. In doomsday scenarios, algorithms go rogue and humans are superfluous, at best, and, at worst, subservient to the new silicon masters.

However, both of these scenarios require a sophistication that, at least right now, seems far away. Our recent research indicates that most organizations are still in the early stages of AI implementation and nowhere near either of these outcomes.

A more imminent reality is that AI is agnostic and can benefit both good and bad processes. As such, a less dramatic but perhaps more insidious risk than the doomsday scenario is that AI gives new life to clunky or otherwise poorly conceived processes. .... "

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