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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sony, CMU looking at Cooking Robots

The idea of further looking at task oriented interaction with recipes, techniques and recipes.  As a long time cook, and having worked in the Food industry.  Also involves close cooperation with people.  Been examining how assistants work with recipes.  Its a natural place to think about AI.  Lots of data, understood goals, sub-tasks and resources readily defined. 

Sony, Carnegie Mellon form partnership to research cooking robots
The skills needed for food preparation and delivery could be applied to a number of other industries and tasks, Sony and CMU said.      By Stephanie Condon for Between the Lines

Sony, Carnegie Mellon Form Partnership to Research Cooking Robots 

" ... Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and Sony are working together to study how artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics can be used to improve food preparation, cooking, and delivery. The researchers want to teach machines to handle fragile and irregularly shaped materials, skills that could be applied to other household or small business tasks. The project, which be run primarily out of CMU's School of Computer Science, has the potential to make the vast possibilities of AI and robotics more familiar and accessible to the general public, according to project lead Hiroaki Kitano, president and CEO of Sony Computer Science Laboratories. ... " 

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