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Friday, April 27, 2018

Routines for Process

Have now created a few.  The basic idea is good. You don't invoke one thing, but give an assistant a stream of things to do, but only their things.    So a  bunch of things might be tasks that comprise a job to do.   Both Alexa and Google Home now do it.    Was thinking of it term of a simple definition of Process. ...  Do 1,2,3 to do X ...  But still too simple, no logic,  no way to introduce you own components, only use theirs.  No way to save and Query  'States'.

Alexa Routines can now include music and podcasts
You can add artists, playlists, albums, stations and podcasts to a Routine.

Amazon launched Alexa Routines last year and they let users set up a list of automated smart home actions that can be triggered with a simple command. For example, "Alexa, good morning," could launch a Routine that turns on the lights, reports the weather forecast, reads news briefings and starts the coffee maker. Missing from the Routine capabilities, however, has been music. Well, no longer, because Amazon is now rolling out the ability to add playlists, podcasts and radio shows to your Alexa Routines. .... " 

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