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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Casinos Watching for Weapons

Good to watch what the Casinos are doing, as we did, they have immediate risk with regard to assets, so are closer to investing logically in advanced methods in their existing architecture.

Las Vegas Casino Uses Artificial Intelligence To ID Customers Carrying Weapons

Cognitive Microwave Radar combines short-range radar with machine learning algorithms to scan individual guests for guns, knives, and bombs in real time—without forcing them to line up and walk through metal detectors. Units are small enough to hide inside existing infrastructure. Most people never realize they're there - exactly how (the casino) wants it. "The best analogy is antivirus software. It's equipped with a set of signatures. But it’s constantly checking the database for new ones."
Activate satellite view in Google Maps and head to the Las Vegas strip, and you'll see it: a strange smattering of Y-shaped buildings. Mandalay Bay. Monte Carlo. Treasure Island. The Mirage. Their blueprints put gambling at the center of everything, funneling visitors past slot machines and card tables whether they're en route to a show, their room, a restaurant, or a retail shop. For years, the casino floor was where Vegas resorts made most of their money, and the Y was devilishly good at monetizing it.

The Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino was the first megacasino to feature the design—a bit of trivia that Mark Waltrip, Westgate Resort's chief operating officer, relays with a mixture of pride and irony. Y-shaped buildings have their issues, after all. For one thing, gambling isn't the moneymaker it used to be; revenues from other extravagances—hotels, food, booze, shopping—outstripped gaming in the late '80s. For another: Y-shaped buildings pose a unique security challenge. "The bulk of your guests are in this highly concentrated area, just lingering," Waltrip says. Ensuring their safety— and the safety of the resort's assets—requires more than a few cameras and guards.   .... "

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