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Monday, April 30, 2018

Stanford Develops Technique to See Objects Around Corners

Recall testing clamp and fork lifts in warehouses for better viewing.

Stanford researchers develop technique to see objects hidden around corners

Someday your self-driving car could react to hazards before you even see them, thanks to a laser-based imaging technology being developed by Stanford researchers that can peek around corners.

Stanford Researchers Develop Technique to See Objects Hidden Around Corners

in Stanford News   By Taylor Kubota

Stanford University researchers have developed laser-based imaging technology that can produce images of objects hidden from view, which could enable self-driving cars to react to hazards before the driver even sees them. While the researchers are focused on applications for autonomous vehicles, some of which already have similar laser-based systems for detecting objects around the car, other applications could include seeing through foliage from aerial vehicles or giving rescue teams the ability to find people blocked from view by walls and rubble. The team is continuing its efforts to better handle the variability of the real world and complete the scan more quickly. ... "

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