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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Rand Says AI Could Protect the World

Used to have good connections to Rand Corp, but not so in recent years.  Liked some of their work regards design and risk.  Some remarkable statements quoted here.  Will look into how to reconnect.  See full Rand Corp article here.

AI could improve global stability from around 2040, claims US thinktank RAND Corporation
RAND claims AI could enhance strategic stability by improving accuracy in intelligence collection and analysis.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to prevent the end of the world by as soon as 2040, all thanks to its 'nuclear deterrence capabilities', a new RAND Corporation paper has suggested.

"While AI-controlled doomsday machines are considered unlikely, the hazards of artificial intelligence for nuclear security lie instead in its potential to encourage humans to take potentially apocalyptic risks," the RAND study says.  ... "

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