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Monday, April 30, 2018

Charlene Li Looks at Groundswell

Happened on this, interesting to see some predictions of the future and how they played out.

Reflecting on 10 Years of Groundswell and What To Do Next by Charlene Li

10 years ago, my co-author Josh Bernoff and I released our first book, “Groundswell: Living in a World Transformed by Social Technologies”. On this anniversary, I wanted to reflect on what our expectations were when we published that work, what has changed, and what has not. Josh has shared his thoughts as well.

Our Expectations
When we started working on the book in early 2007, we could see the makings of a revolution, even through many people around us considered social media to be a fad, something that the young and crazy did. We could see that social would challenge our conventional definitions of relationships, hierarchies, control, permission, and privacy. The things that business and society held as true, sacred, and unchanging would be toppled. Hence, the need for a book to explain what social would mean and very importantly, what to do with it. ... " 

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