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Monday, April 16, 2018

Bird Calls from Audubon

A bit of a bird enthusiast myself, found this interesting.  It is quite simple. You recite the name of a bird, and you get back something like:  'There are 6 calls for this bird', and you choose one and it is played for you.   The audio is very good.  So the architecture is a simple look up, and in general the voice query gets it right.  But there is not much background to support the lookup,  and in a perhaps typical use scenario, you have heard a bird,  or seen an unknown bird, and want to look it up,  its hard to apply. Now if I could record a bird or take a picture of one and use that to search?

Amazon’s Alexa Is Ready to Help You Learn Bird Calls
The virtual assistant can now access more than 2,000 birds sounds from the Audubon library—as long as you say the magic words.  ... "

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