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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Real Time Data, Real Time Decisions

Useful introduction.  Note the usefulness in many domains, from supply chain to manufacturing to finance.    There were some also some recent suggestions that this might be neeed because data cannot be held because of regulatory changes, and needs to be used immediately.  Whats the best decision you can make in limited time, before the data mush be released?

From big data to fast data
Designing application architectures for real-time decisions.
By Raul Estrada in O'Reilly

For more about building fast-data architectures that meet your real-time decision data needs, download a free copy of an excerpt from Designing Data-Intensive Applications, compliments of Mesosphere.

Enterprise data needs change constantly but at inconsistent rates, and in recent years change has come at an increasing clip. Tools once considered useful for big data applications are not longer sufficient. When batch operations predominated, Hadoop could handle most of an organization’s needs. Development in other IT areas (think IoT, geolocation, etc.) have changed the way data is collected, stored, distributed, processed and analyzed. Real-time decision needs complicate this scenario and new tools and architectures are needed to handle these challenges efficiently.  ... "

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