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Friday, April 27, 2018

Google Assistant Providing How-tos

Visual how-to videos, to be delivered by a number of small screen devices.   Similar and competing with the Amazon Show.  Have been testing the Show, Google Home and Echos for how to's for time. 
Google already has this content,  a huge number of 'how to's on YouTube.   Amazon Show has no where near the content.    I also note the point being made by the statement 'How to cook pasta, brought to you by Barilla'.  The ads can easily overwhelm the content value of the knowledge provided.  I see that already in many YouTubes.   Especially when the link between knowledge and message is weak.   So beware of the Ads fouling the advice.

Long ago we did a similar thing when we created a Tide sponsored assistant, then delivered on a CDRom.  (See tags below)  We lobbied for less mention of Tide, but the brands and their own ideas.  Similarly with Mr. Clean.

Google reportedly planning sponsored how-to videos for Assistant
How to cook pasta, brought to you by Barilla  ... 

By Chris Welch  @chriswelch in TheVerge ...

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