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Monday, April 16, 2018

Global Identity via the Blockchain

The idea of using blockchain for identity seems to be the clearest example of its use.  Had not seen Sovrin before, worth a look.

Via Sovrin, IBM supports user-centric global identity on blockchain

By James Kobelius in SiliconAngle

User-centric global identity is a dream that won’t die. What it refers to is a universal environment in which people can exchange self-issued digital credentials and rely on their legitimacy without the need for trusted third parties to vouch for and validate them.

This vision is a holy grail for libertarians and privacy advocates because it avoids third parties that might misuse, abuse or lose user identity information along the lines of Facebook Inc.’s recent Cambridge Analytica fiasco. In the early years of this millennium, Kim Cameron, who later joined Microsoft Corp., referred to the enabling architecture as an “identity metasystem” that is global, distributed and universally trusted. ... "

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