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Friday, April 27, 2018

Alexa to Sport a Bigger, more Conversational Brain

A good direction, needs to be continued.   Some very interesting details in the blog post.

Alexa’s bigger ‘brain’ is getting new skills, natural conversation, and memory  By Clayton Moore in DigitalTrends

The digital assistant Alexa is about to get smarter and potentially easier to use, according to a new presentation at the International World Wide Web Conference in Lyon, France. The platform will soon be able to remember information you have instructed it to keep handy, enjoy more natural conversations without having to voice the “Alexa” prompt, and merge commerce recommendations into everyday exchanges.

These evolutionary changes were detailed by Ruhi Sarikaya, the head of the Alexa Brain Group, in a developer blog post that gave more context to the announcement. The department’s primary mission is to make Alexa smarter and more engaging, while making it easier for users to access tens of thousands of Alexa Skills, and training the assistant to retain and utilize contextual information. .... "

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