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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Alexa Assistants come to the Trading Floor

Another example where hands-free can be very useful, and you need information quickly.   Adding an information channel.

JPMorgan Brings Amazon’s Alexa to Wall Street Trading Floors
By Hugh Son and Katherine Chiglinsky  in Bloomberg Tech

Voice-activated assistant can now send reports from analysts

Other firms such as New York Life using it to help employees
“Alexa, ask JPMorgan what the price target for Apple is.”

It’s a request that JPMorgan Chase & Co. institutional clients can now get quickly answered through Amazon.com Inc.’s ubiquitous voice-activated assistant. The bank and the e-commerce giant have partnered to provide JPMorgan’s Wall Street users with another way to access its research. Alexa is able to send analysts’ reports and related queries, and the bank is testing other features, like providing prices on bonds or swaps, according to David Hudson, global head of markets execution for the New York-based bank.

Voice assistants are “clearly becoming something people are habituated to in their lives,” Hudson said. “It’s about taking information that’s somewhere in the bank, that someone has to generally go and look for, or which is time-consuming or requires authentication to get, and putting that to you in another channel.”  .... " 

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