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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Holograms for Heads-up Displays

Have yet to see really practical and precise visualization via hologram.

Holograms Could Yield Next Wave of Heads-Up Displays
R&D Magazine    By Kenny Walter

A functional prototype heads-up display using holographic optical elements has been developed by researchers at the University of Arizona, a breakthrough that could increase the size of eye boxes used in heads-up displays for planes and cars. The new technology, if installed in a car, would enable a driver to see displayed information even if they moved around or was shorter or taller than average, says University of Arizona researcher Pierre-Alexandre Blanche. The researchers propose that laser light interactions could be used to fabricate holographic elements in light-sensitive materials that are smaller than traditional optical components and can be mass-produced. The new holographic elements redirect light from a small image into a piece of glass, where it is confined until it reaches another holographic optical element that extracts light. The researchers say the extracted hologram then presents a viewable image with a larger eye box size than the original image. ... "

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