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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Passage.AI Emerges for Multiple Platforms

Have always been interested in ways to make chatbot AI easier. Since our long ago successful use of the Extempo package.   Here another example emerging.

 Passage.AI aims to make building chatbots easy     By Paul Gillin in SiliconAngle

" .... The company is emerging from stealth mode today with $3 million in seed funding and the promise of technology that can help anyone create artificial intelligence-driven chatbots without writing code.

Passage.AI’s bot-building tool uses deep learning and natural language processing to enable bots to understand the context for a request, regardless of how it’s expressed, the company said. It uses “long short-term memory,” a type of neural network that is optimized for language comprehension and handwriting recognition. ... " 

See the Passage.AI site, which itself uses a chatbot to introduce itself.  Also I much like the fact that it integrates with a number of other popular assistant platforms, like Alexa, Google Home, Slack, WeChat and IOS.    Want to see how that works.

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