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Friday, September 29, 2017

Virtual Assistants and Multitasking

Thoughtful piece, needs to be considered in conversational dialog.

The Real Problem with Voice Assistants like Siri is your Brain    By Robbie Gonzalez in Wired

 " .... Interacting with a conversational interface might tempt you to do other things simultaneously, but just because your eyes are free doesn't mean your brain is. "Yes, you're doing other things at the same time, but there's a cost to that," Pashler says. A conversational interface spreads that cost out over time. "It’s competing for little moments of time, ideally when you have adequate free resources, but it will also gobble up resources when you need them for something else. And at times like that, it will probably diminish the thoughtfulness with which you do those other things."  .... '

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