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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Wal-Mart to Adopt Facebook's Workplace Edition

Quite an interesting and unexpected coup.   Is Facebook best for retail?  Consider how their Facebook M chatbot capability might be used for marketing.  Here at first this is internal use.  This could be a huge thing.  Search and image oriented.  Need to take a look at it.  See Workplace by Facebook.

Workplace, Facebook’s enterprise edition, snaps up Walmart as a customer   by Ingrid Lunden in TechCrunch

Workplace — Facebook’s bid to take on the Slack, Microsoft and the rest of the players in the market of business chat and collaboration — is getting a big push today by way of a significant customer win. The company has signed on Walmart, the retailing giant and the world’s biggest employer with 2.2 million employees on its books.

Walmart is rolling out Workplace to the whole of its business in stages, starting with associates and teams at Sam’s Club and other parts of the operation.

The move speaks to how Walmart — which last year acquired Jet.com for $3 billion — continues to step up its tech game as it feels the pinch of competition from Amazon, an e-commerce giant that is very quickly moving into Walmart’s brick-and-mortar territory.

“We believe the right technology can empower our people. Walmart’s vision of the future is centered around people — by serving the communities people live in and the people who work at Walmart,” said Clay Johnson, Walmart’s CIO and EVP. “Workplace shares this mission, and together we’re building the next generation workforce.”

Some of the uses so far for Walmart include to share pictures with other stores of a particular product display; to broadcast news via the Live video stream; and to manage communications between different geographies using Facebook’s automatic translation features (Walmart has operations across North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia). .... " 

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