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Friday, September 15, 2017

First lets Replace all the Lawyers

From the O-Reilly Newsletter:  (At the link there are lots of links for more detail)

DoNotPay steps into the Equifax breach

The Equifax data breach could expose about half of the US population to risk of identity theft, and—as has been widely reported—the credit-reporting company has bungled its response in many ways. Joshua Browder, a Stanford student who initially created the DoNotPay robolawyer to help people fight parking tickets, has already expanded its powers to help homeless people find housing and refugees apply for asylum. He has now added a new wrong for the bot to right. DoNotPay is taking on Equifax, enabling people to sue the company in small claims court in all 50 states, for up to $25,000, at no charge for the bot's services. Browder explains how it works in this CNBC interview.

+ Watch: Will bots replace lawyers? Joshua Browder's talk at the 2016 Next:Economy Summit. 

+ Wall Street traders: It's your turn to start worrying about robots.  .... " 

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