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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Amazon Hardware Event Today

Attended this via theVerge, which does a good technical comparison view.  I follow this closely because I have worked with some companies in the AI/Attentive chat space for years.   From my needs view, nothing greatly surprising.   10 Separate announcements were made, see below.  Some capabilities had  already been previewed with existing Echo hardware.  The most radical process piece was the ability of the user to construct multi-step commands.  On the hardware side, an Echo Plus speaker that also acts as a home hub.  All good, but incremental.   Await more in depth reviews of all of this.

Contributors: Casey Newton, Shannon Liao, Lauren Goode, and 2 others  ...   in TheVerge. 

Amazon just surprised us all with a surprise announcement to introduce a bunch of new Echo and Alexa devices just before the holiday season. Slotting its announcement right after the new Apple TV 4K launched and right before Google is expected to launch a new Google Home speaker, Amazon is here to remind us that its Alexa technology is still here, and it is still one of the most adopted in the majority of gadgets in the voice-activated industry. From a new and updated Fire TV set-top box to several new Echo devices, here are all the latest news out of Amazon’s press event in Seattle.  ... " 

Outline of each announcement at the link.

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