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Friday, September 22, 2017

Anomaly Detection

A number of analytics sytems we worked with were essentially anomaly detection.  So this is close to home. In particular, that in almost all cases the systems need to be re-calibrated and re run over time.

In O'Reilly, Video:

" ... What may work for anomaly detection today may not work tomorrow. Master statistician Arun Kejariwal helps you understand why in this fascinating walk-through of modern anomaly detection systems - how the definition of “normal” changes as applications, platforms, infrastructure, and algorithms evolve; as well as recognizing the effect of context in what defines an anomaly.

Learn how you, your data, and your decision-making can keep from getting skewed in master statistician Arun Kejariwal's course from Safari on what works – and doesn't work - when building anomaly detection systems.  .... " 

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