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Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Pickle Index

Always liked the idea of a non-sequential novel.  It has been tried many times, never successfully for my taste.  Is it here now?

No relation.  InWired: 

The Pickle Index is a delightfully Weird, App-Driven Novel like no other. .... 

Through The Pickle Index—an app, a hardcover, and a paperback book—users enter into Destina, a dystopian world governed by pickle consumption. .... 

The fact is, The Pickle Index is not a traditional novel, nor is it a conventional app. When Eli Horowitz and Russell Quinn set out to create the multimedia storytelling experience, they made a conscious decision to eschew hallmarks of design like accessibility and ease of use. Instead, they provide multiple entry-points into an intricate and immersive world. In doing so, they’ve reimagined what a digital literary experience can be. .... " 

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