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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Using Facebook's Workplace at Walmart

News ....  From Facebook's Workplace Site:

Facebook's Workplace at Walmart

"  In the last 10 months, we’ve welcomed more than 14,000 companies to Workplace across a vast range of industries. Today, we’re pleased to welcome the largest private employer in the world, Walmart, to the Workplace family.

Technology is core to Walmart’s people-centric mission to enable its associates to serve the communities it’s in. As its team grows increasingly mobile and distributed, Walmart needs a place to support associates’ growth, build connections and make work simpler. Walmart wants to build the next generation workforce by embracing next-generation technology, and Workplace is helping them do that.

Workplace has already helped bring Walmart’s distributed workforce closer together. Sam’s Club associates are sharing best practices by posting pictures of their in-store product displays. Leaders at Walmart use features like Live to connect directly with associates and share important news and updates, from company earnings to store visits. Teams at Walmart are using Workplace to collaborate, manage projects, learn and develop. Translation features on Workplace have also helped increase communication at Walmart, facilitating better collaboration among associates in multiple geographies.

We believe Workplace is for everyone. Because Workplace is mobile and easy to use, it can reach Walmart associates where they are. It builds connections between people, not org charts. And since it uses familiar features from Facebook, Walmart associates have been able to hit the ground running on Workplace without much training.

As Walmart EVP and CIO Clay Johnson says, “Our associates have been able to build connections and collaborate better on Workplace because it just works. We love it.” .... " 

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