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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

C by GE Sol Lamp Reviewed

Geekwire Reviews the Alexa enabled GE Lamp.  Much more colorful than the pic shown here.   But not bright enough to flood a whole room with light. Video in operation at link.

Talk to the lamp: We tried GE’s Sol, a $200 light with Amazon Alexa inside   By Todd Bishop

" .... The lamp, officially known as “C by GE Sol,” is touted by the tech and electronics giants as the first lamp with Alexa inside. It goes on sale starting Monday for $199.99. We’ve been testing out a preview unit in the GeekWire offices and studios for the past week. Despite some shortcomings, it’s an interesting glimpse into where the technology world is headed, as more devices start arriving with intelligent features built-in.  ...  " 

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