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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Intel Neuromorphic Chips

Biomimicry expands.  Neuro morphic (neuron-like) approaches to delivering learning.

Intel Unveils Neuromorphic, Self-Learning Chip Codenamed Loihi    By Joel Hruska

" ... That may change in the future, if Intel’s latest AI bet takes off. The company has announced a new neuromorphic chip, codenamed Loihi, designed for AI and deep learning workloads. Intel’s Dr. Michael Mayberry claims that Loihi does not need to be trained in the traditional way and that it takes a new approach to this type of computing by using asynchronous spiking. Unlike a transistor, neurons do not constantly flip back and forth between a 0 and a 1. They trigger when signal thresholds are reached, and continue to fire so long as the number of spikes exceeds a given threshold. The strength of a muscle flex, for example, is based on the average number of spikes the muscle receives over a given unit of time.  .... " 

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