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Monday, September 25, 2017

Self-Flying Robot Assistant for the Home

(Update)   I see that the below project has been cancelled in Kickstarter, as of October 2017.  I am leaving the post here for historical purposes) 

Another home/family device.  Reminds me of the Kuri, but this is a drone, that in theory could navigate multiple levels and floors.  Autonomous point to point navigation. Like the integration of Alexa and IFTTT.  Do wonder the ultimate safety of a flying device.

An indoor drone that integrates an Alexa assistant,  voice control,  music,  camera, intelligence. Estimated availability Sept 2018.  Estimated cost $799.   A Kickstarter project.  Multiple operational videos at the link.

Aire — A Self-Flying Robotic Assistant for the Home ...Unlike any other robot, Aire travels effortlessly anywhere in your home, re-imagining automation, security, smart assistants & more.

Aire's ability to fly enables easy navigation over or around obstacles and even between multiple floors of a home.  

With simple hands-free voice commands and minimalist smartphone app flight controls, anyone can easily control Aire from home or away, with no piloting experience required. .... 

Advanced Flight — Aire employs technology similar to "inside out tracking" of AR/VR headsets and self-driving cars to navigate safely through your home.

Smart Automation — Amazon Alexa voice commands and IFTTT automation triggers allow you to control Aire's flight, functions, and other IoT devices within in home.

Home Security — When Aire detects sound or motion anomalies at home it sends an alert, allowing you to launch Aire to inspect any room, on any floor via live-stream video.

Personal Photography — With Aire as your photographer, you'll always be in the photo and not behind the camera  by using voice photography and virtual visits features.  ... " 

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