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Friday, July 14, 2017

Thinking Avatar Dreams

Reimagining the Avatar Dream, illustrationHad never specifically heard of the term avatar dream.  Its not in the Wikipedia.   I could imagine a definition.  As we drift into AI, its like the carpenter or crafts person identifying strongly with their  tools.  But now taking that much further.  So can we be anything we want to be?   Computational surrogates for ourselves?  Models of our brand equities?   Have done that.   Very smart bots?   The Communications of the ACM spends some time working with it in their current issue.

Virtual Identity technologies and more .....   Video and more.

Computer science has long been intertwined with society's technological dreams. The dream of automated homes relates to ubiquitous computing, just as the dream of sentient machines relates to artificial intelligence (AI). Another of society's dreams could be called the "Avatar Dream," a culturally shared vision of a future in which, through the computer, people can become whomever or whatever we want to be. ....

Defining the Avatar Dream. The Avatar Dream has two elements. One is technical, enabling users to control a virtual surrogate for themselves in a virtual world. These computational surrogate selves are often computer-generated images (CGI) but can range from text descriptions in games or social media to virtual representations that engage all the senses in futuristic virtual reality environments. The second is experiential, enabling users of these virtual surrogate selves to have experiences beyond those they encounter in the physical world, ranging from having new abilities to better understanding the experiences of others (such as of another gender or even another type of creature). .... " 

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