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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

CMO's Preparing for the Future

Former colleague of mine is interviewed. Business, now more than ever, is about prediction.

How CMOs Can Prepare For The Future: A Q&A With 'Predicting The Turn' Author Dave Knox   by Jennifer Rooney 

Dave Knox regards and engages with the marketing industry from an incredibly unique and insightful vantage point. As a veteran of Procter & Gamble, managing director of WPP Ventures, CMO of Rockfish, cofounder of The Brandery venture accelerator, startup advisor, blogger and author, he has a keen understanding of the power and challenges of big-name branding as well as the promise, innovation and opportunity of startup business.

His latest book, Predicting the Turn, provides CMOs with invaluable perspective on how to anticipate industry upheaval ahead and how best to prepare and lean in to those changes that can radically disrupt — even threaten — their businesses. Taking a page from startups, legacy companies can eschew the old habits that slow transformation and move forward for growth.  ... " 

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