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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Alexa Needs to be Much Smarter

Have now been testing the Google Home, Amazon Echo, Cortana and Siri since their inception.  All of these devices and services do some clever things, but none are 'intelligent' in even a broad sense of the word. The intelligence they might be said to have is due to the data and external services they are connected to.  The conversations they can have with us are still rudimentary.  And we have to change our speech to ensure the advisor understands our request.

I have yet to see even an individual skill that is remarkable, in a cognitive reasoning sense, beyond what we already expect of computing devices:   Fast Search, calculate, connect, simple advice in a narrow domain.  The winner of this space will take the advisor beyond this.

Amazon's race to make Alexa smarter
By Leo Kelion, Technology desk editor of the BBC

Amazon's range of smart speakers and their artificial intelligence assistant Alexa have proved to be a huge sales hit.

But the product is still a shadow of what the man in charge - Dave Limp - and indeed their owners, hope it will become.

"We have thousands of engineers inside Amazon adding to [its] capability every day and then another tens of thousands of developers adding to the skills," he tells the BBC.

"The thing I am sure of is that this time next year she will be significantly more intelligent than she is now, and that sometime in the future we will hit our goal of reinventing the Star Trek computer." ...'

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