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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Machine Learning and Big Data

I was recently asked, whats the difference? ....  Just Architecture vs Math?

Machine learning with Big Data is, in many ways, different than "regular" machine learning. This informative image is helpful in identifying the steps in machine learning with Big Data, and how they fit together into a process of their own ...   

By Matthew Mayo, in KDnuggets.  (See the excellent chart, mentioned below, at the link) 

Big Data is no longer buzzword terminology or cutting edge, conceptually; rather, it just is. Big Data is not easily or precisely definable, but it is generally easy to identify when you see it.

While successful applications of machine learning cannot rely solely on cramming ever-increasing amounts of Big Data at algorithms and hoping for the best, the ability to leverage large amounts of data for machine learning tasks is a must-have skill for practitioners at this point.

While much of machine learning holds true regardless of data amounts, there are aspects which are the exclusive domain of Big Data modeling, or which apply moreso than they do to smaller data amounts. Data scientist Rubens Zimbres outlines a process for applying machine to Big Data in his original graphic below.  ..... " 

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