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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wayfind Research on Amazon and History

Research pieces in Wayfind regarding Amazon and Customer Experience

Current Issue
- Alexa is Brand Agnostic
- If it’s the Amazon Century, how did we get here?
- Amazon’s Place in History
- The Customer You’ve Never Met
- Will the Amazon & Whole Foods Merger Work?
- What If your only options were Amazon, Walmart and Third Wave stores?

One extract:

Amazon’s Place in History    By The WD Strategy & Insights Team

Amazon’s growth, and let’s face it, domination, has not been an accident. Yet it has come at the cost of some…retail salespeople, store closures and even Walmart. This year marks the 3rd Amazon Prime Day, let’s take a look at how Amazon has grown and what it means for the future of the industry.

By some estimates, there is as much as 7 billion square feet of retail space in America. There are now 70 Amazon fulfillment centers,5 some as large as one million square feet, in operation. There are no reliable figures on the square footage of each location, but if an Amazon fulfillment center averages about a million square feet, a rough estimate would be 70 million square feet. .... " 

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