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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Alexa Defies and Defines the Moment of Truth

From Wayfind, thought provoking.  No longer a moment of truth, but a moment of speech?  But isn't the cylinder now in control of the conversation?   Sure Brands will still influence the conversation by their value equity, but control is slipping.

Alexa is Brand Agnostic
What happens if brands no longer influence the moment of truth?     By Lee Peterson

Alexa, order a 12-pack of toilet paper, a case of bottled water, and a bag of tortilla chips.

Welcome to the new moment of truth. There is no shelf. There is no cart. There is no register. There isn’t even a laptop or mobile phone. There is only a talking cylinder on a kitchen table. Artificial intelligence has enabled every household to become a store shelf. And in this new, demand-based moment of truth, something is often being left unsaid: Charmin, Dasani, and Tostitos. Or Scotts, Evian, and Santitas. Or even Cottonelle, Fiji, and Mission.   .... "   (read the whole thing) .... 

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