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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Automated Machine Learning

Excellent piece on this topic. Am in the process of preparing a talk to a Columbia University Group on exactly this topic. Useful detail at the link. I think it is inevitable we will see highly automated processes of these types, for professionals and even end users.  Here a good list of work underway and implications for professionals doing the coding.

Automated Machine Learning for Professionals   Posted by William Vorhies  
Summary:  There are a variety of new Automated Machine Learning (AML) platforms emerging that led us recently to ask if we’d be automated and unemployed any time soon.  In this article we’ll cover the “Professional AML tools”.  They require that you be fluent in R or Python which means that Citizen Data Scientists won’t be using them.  They also significantly enhance productivity and reduce the redundant and tedious work that’s part of model building. ... " 

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