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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Google Glass Better for Business Applications

To put it simply,  Google Glass just looks more business-like than Augmented Reality Goggles.  It at least implies that you are still attached to solving problems in the real world.   Even better focused than you would be with AR.

Good piece in Engadget on the potential re-emergence in business.

Believe it or not, Glass may avoid being an all-time tech flop.
by Nathan Ingraham, @nateingraham  In Engadget.

" .... It was wild and impressive, but Google misjudged how that hype would translate into actual consumer usage. The look of someone wearing a camera on her face was too alienating, and Google never presented a complete vision of what Glass could do. That was part of the plan: The Explorer Edition that Google sold to early adopters was mostly meant for developers to use and figure out what apps made sense for it. But Glass never progressed beyond that experimental phase, and it was taken off the market in Jan. 2015, before a consumer edition even shipped.

Google never said Glass was dead, but it was clear the company's vision of a mass-market consumer product wasn't happening. So the company spent two years retooling and refocusing, and now Glass is back -- as an enterprise product meant to help workers get tricky jobs done. It's a rare example of parent company Alphabet significantly pulling back the ambition and scope of a product to serve a small market. In doing so, Google may give Microsoft's Hololens some unexpected competition in the augmented reality space. ... " 

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