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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Best Buy Wants to Install Smart Homes

Recall that Amazon just also announced a smart home consultation service, apparently aimed at getting their devices installed.  Probably a requirement for typical aftermarket installations of Smart Homes.  For the 'non digital native'.

Is Best Buy’s latest Geek Squad service a blueprint for niche IoT?  by Matthew Stern in Retailwire.  With discussion.

As Best Buy has worked to turn itself around, two of its biggest differentiators have been its Geek Squad service offerings and its focus on selling and supporting IoT devices. The chain’s latest move leverages both by focusing its Geek Squad resources on a very specific niche within the smart home/IoT area. Best Buy is offering smart home consultations and installations geared towards adults acting as caretakers for elderly parents.

The smart home service, called Assured Living, consists of a free assessment that allows caregivers to determine the right arrangement of in-home monitors, devices and alerts for effectively caring for the elderly people in question, the Star Tribune reported. Geek Squad employees then implement the technology. .... " 

Will start to cover these efforts on the term 'Smart Home Services' tag below.

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