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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Voicelabs Ads

Advertising and Alexa Skills.    

Amazon says it updated its policy to make sure users have the best experience possible.  by Mariella Moon, @mariella_moon in Engadget: 

When VoiceLabs debuted its interactive ads for the Amazon Echo, it had backing from big names like ESPN and Wendy's. For a while, it gave developers using the service called "Sponsored Messages" a way to make money from their Alexa Skills. Unfortunately, even its powerful pals can't do anything for it now that Amazon has updated its advertising policy to ban ads using a voice that's similar to Alexa and those that imitate Alexa interactions. Since those are exactly what the company's interactive ads do, it has no choice but to stop offering Sponsored Messages altogether.

If you've never heard a Sponsored Message before, here's how VoiceLabs describes its product:

"For example, a consumer would be asked if they were going to watch the NBA finals game airing that day. If the user said yes, it would let them know to tune in for the 6pm start time. If not, the Sponsored Message would let them which channel to tune into at 10pm for all the highlights."  ..... ' 

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