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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Lucy from Equals 3

An example of Watson AI.

Superpower your marketing process with Lucy
Pull deep insights from piles of customer data. Make genius decisions. Compress months of work to one day.  ... Get big-brain assistance in research, segmentation, and planning.
Meet Lucy. Your ace time-saver — with A.I. skills.  (Uses Watson)

At your command, Lucy carries out vital tasks quickly with her superpowered information-gathering and analytic capabilities—freeing you for higher-order problem solving.

Lucy delivers brand Insights

Lucy is a voracious reader, digesting nearly 1,000 accredited news sources daily. That equates to roughly 250,000 articles a day! She then analyzes what she reads and delivers you up-to-date insights based on your brand mentions. .... "

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