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Friday, July 14, 2017

Augmented Reality Try-it-on App

So here is, at least in theory, the ideal augmented reality App.  We tested a number of such related methods in the past with limited success.  Except in its novelty.  But will it succeed because of fewer returns?  See especially the attached expert discussion.  In Retailwire:

Will an AR try-on app cut down on online clothing returns?     by Matthew Stern

Part of the reason returns have become such a significant part of the online apparel shopping experience is because there’s no great way to get a feel for how clothing fits without first trying it on. But an augmented reality solution that’s been gaining popularity abroad has gotten some funding, and made some partnerships, that might make it easier for U.S. shoppers to make the right choice the first time around.

The Metail app allows users to virtually try on clothing by superimposing digitized versions of garments onto a virtual “body” within the app, according to Business Insider. The 3-D modeled version of the clothing is created taking into account features such as fabric texture while the simulated body created in the app factors in size and weight. The U.K.-based startup received a round of funding led by TAL, a Hong Kong-based apparel manufacturer that purports to make one in every six dress shirts sold in the U.S. Metail hopes to use this as the foundation for a U.S. expansion.  ... " 

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