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Thursday, June 01, 2017

Virtual Agents as Selvesware

Correspondent Michael Schrage on the nature of help by virtual agents.  It used to be these took over a kind of 'executive assistant' role.  Got to see these in action, and at their best they were better than the execs themselves.  Not as much baggage.   But now will be closer to twins of ourselves?  With all the capabilities and negatives?   Augmenting at least I think, and in the future, making us very much smarter. And as he says, monitoring carefully to make adjustments.

Bots Won’t Just Help Us Buy Stuff. They’ll Help Us Become Better Versions of Ourselves
by Michael Schrage in the HBR.

" .... Virtual agents like Alexa and Siri only perform tasks; our digital selves will actually determine and define those tasks. Think of them as “selvesware,” analogous to recommendation engines for books to read or movies to watch. Selvesware will deliver actionable, data-driven insight and advice on what to say, when to speak up, and with whom to network, for example, suggesting bespoke options for better communication, collaboration, and facilitation. Selvesware invites workers and managers to digitally amplify their talents and attributes, while monitoring and minimizing weaknesses. Simply put, selvesware helps people identify, manage, and measurably improve their best, most productive selves. .... "

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