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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Project Adam AI for Visual Recognition

There is more going on in AI than just IBM's Watson, here more focused, addressing one of the most important tasks of sensory recognition.  In TechTimes:     See also comparisons to similar work by Google.

 " ... Microsoft is developing an artificial intelligence (AI) system called "Project Adam" that can perform visual recognition tasks faster than any other system currently available.

Microsoft Research, a research division of the company, says that Project Adam enhances the learning ability of computers. With Project Adam computer systems can absorb data and teach themselves.

The company demonstrated Project Adam at its Faculty Summit in Redmond. As part of the demonstration, the company brought dogs of different breeds and showed how technology can distinguish between them in real time.

Project Adam can be very important for the company as several technology companies are working hard to develop AI and predictive systems that can be useful in the mobile technologies. Previously, Google was said to be using a network of around 16,000 computers to teach itself to identify pictures of cats. ... "

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