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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gamifying Intelligent Digital Signage

A concept we looked at in the innovation centers.  How do you engage with participants in alternative contexts?  Here, from RMG Networks.   A thoughtful white paper on the integration of gamification concepts with digital signage.  Primarily here in internal business settings. This can be problematical due to culture and different motivational goals.

" ... To summarize gamification researcher, futurist and author of Reality is  Broken Jane McGonigal, games provide us with “real positive emotions,  real positive experiences and real social connections” during a challenging time [work]. She goes on to state that the real world is at once too easy, depressing, unproductive, hopeless, isolating, disconnected,  trivial… the list goes on. But reality is our destiny, she goes on to say, and  our mission is to engage as fully as possible with reality. ... " 

See more resources from Jane McGonigal at her site.

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