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Monday, July 21, 2014

Whats New in Social Science?

Am a long time reader of The Edge.    So What's new in social science?   Pretty massive and have only peeked at it, but take your time ....

" ...  Now, for the first time, we are pleased to present the program in its entirety, all ten talks and discussions comprising nearly six hours of EDGE Video and a downloadable PDF of the 58,000-word transcript. We intend to follow up this September with HeadCon '14, plans to which will be announced.

The great biologist Ernst Mayr (the "Darwin of the 20th Century") once said to me: "Edge is a conversation." And like any conversation, it is evolving. And what a conversation it is!

Permalink: http://edge.org/event/headcon-13-whats-new-in-social-science ... " 

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