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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July August Analytics Magazine

July August 2014 Analytics Magazine

Why Do Analytics Projects Fail? by Haluk Demirkan and Bulent Dal
Not just another IT project: Key considerations for deep analytics on big data, learning and insights.

Real-Time Text Analytics
by Aveek Mukhopadhyay and Roger Barga
How a cloud-based analytical engine yields instant insight using unstructured social media data.

Analytics Transforms a 'Dinosaur'
by Brenda Dietrich, Emily Plachy and Maureen Norton
The story of how industry giant IBM not only survived but thrived by realizing business value from big data.

The Future of Forecasting by Jack Yurkiewicz
Making predictions from hard and fast data: Biennial survey of popular software for analytics professionals.

Executive Edge:
Six Ways of Value-Creation Through Analytics in E-commerce by Rohit Tandon
It has become imperative for organizations to be on the customers' online radar with respect to new products or services and to be able to influence their choices.

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