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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Augmented Pixels Update

I am following a number of Augmented Reality companies.  Here are the latest updates from Augmented Pixels. in Odessa.

 " ... First of all, Large Silicon Valley Plug and Play Incubator invested in Augmented Pixels selected it to participate in Plug&Play Retail accelerator program. Full press release .... 

 ... Modus Matrix, a game changing application for real estate sales based on our platform AR House. The app was created for Harkus, strategic design agency, as a part of their strategic marketing for a Canadian builder Jayman Modus. More information, ... 

The app is currently available on iOS devices, but in a few days Android version will be released.
Thirdly, we are expending our global reach by partnering with a big Brazilian online retailer HomeIt. HomeIt will become our client and will be listed in our sales platform for furniture retailers ShowInRoom. .... 

 ... Further articles:  Augmented reality and football.  And Home Electronics Demonstration using Augmented reality.

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