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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mass Customization in Manufacturing

A long time interest.  Good piece on how it relates to innovation. It has considerable variation in different industries.  Have seen it from the research and the manufacturing end.  Make sure to get your data consistent to make it easy to implement and adapt innovations.

" ... The mass production strategies put forth by the titans of the 20th century still resonate today on manufacturing floors, in business processes, and the systems that support them, like Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Personalization and production efficiency have long been believed to be on the opposite ends of a continuum; mutually exclusive benefits that manufacturers and consumers are forced to choose between. In the last decade, however, innovative companies in a broad range of industries have shattered this dichotomy.

To get started, manufacturers should consider current challenges, historical approaches and the potential benefits of a modern mass customization model.  ... "  

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