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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Government Chatbots for Screening

An area where we worked extensively, communication bots.  Also involved in clearance and interviewing processes.  I know there is currently a huge backlog in clearance delivery.  And there is a government  'Center of Credibility Assessment ..? '.  That makes one smile. In New Scientist:   More here.

" ... Want access to the US government's secrets? Talk to the robot.

Some 5.1 million Americans hold federal security clearance of one level or another, entitling them access to classified information. Putting each person eligible for clearance through the detailed screening process is a huge bureaucratic headache. Dean Pollina of the US National Center for Credibility Assessment in Fort Jackson, South Carolina – which assesses security technologies such as polygraph lie detectors for the government – wondered whether a computer-generated interviewer could streamline the process.

Pollina and colleague Allison Baretta built a system in which an on-screen avatar equipped with speech-recognition capability asks a series of screening questions. They then used it to do recorded interviews with 120 members of the US Army. ... " 

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