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Friday, July 25, 2014

Cognitive Computing Webinar and Resources

New World of Cognitive Computing. Yesterday attended a webinar on Cognitive Computing.  Which was a fairly good introduction, non technical and suitable for an extended technical executive introduction.  Recorded one hour presentation is here.  Just the slides here.

Panelists: Steve Ardire, James Kobielus (IBM), Adrian Bowles and Tony Sarris

" .. Cognitive Computing is a rapidly developing technology that has reached practical application and implementation. So what is it? Do you need it? How can it benefit your business?

In this webinar a panel of experts in Cognitive Computing will discuss the technology, the current practical applications, and where this technology is going. The discussion will start with a review of a recent survey produced by DATAVERSITY on how Cognitive Computing is currently understood by your peers. The panel will also review many components of the technology including:

Cognitive Analytics
Machine Learning
Deep Learning
And next generation artificial intelligence (AI) ... " 

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