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Monday, July 28, 2014

Virtual Reality in Advertising

In Adage:  Next new thing to impress and engage consumers?   Compare it to augmented reality often discussed here, which today uses less hardware. And its connection to game interaction.   " .... It's a bit like the leap marketers such as Coca-Cola, HBO and Nissan are taking into the nascent world of virtual reality. Well aware of the hurdles agencies, brands and the media must overcome first—not the least of which are the current cost of the technology and the cumbersomeness of the equipment—these first-movers are wagering on a marketing future where goggles can be bought at Walmart for $300 and brands can deliver visceral consumer experiences. Imagine Budweiser taking you behind the plate at the World Series or Pepsi giving you a virtual front-row seat at a Beyoncé concert. ... " 

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