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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Google Glass in the Emergency Room

We are seeing more applications of Google Glass in health care.  Here an article was sent to me about its use throughout the Beth Israel Emergency Room.   The details for its hands-free and data access and augmentation capabilities are interesting:

 " ... Beth Israel doctors get access to their patient’s records because Google Glass can read what are known as Quick Response codes -- or QR codes -- that are much like bar codes found on the sides of cereal boxes and other commercial products.

Beth Israel has begun posting QR codes on the doorways to patients’ rooms. Each code is unique to that patient, linked to his records that are stored on the hospital’s electronic database. Before entering the room, the Beth Israel doctor can scan the QR code with his Glass, and the patient’s information is promptly displayed on the screen. ... " 

A book I recently finished: Age of Context, by Scoble and Israel, contains a good section on current applications of Google Glass.

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